Nima Motamed

Intelligent Systems, Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University

Visiting address

Buys Ballotgebouw, Room 5.24

Princetonplein 5

3584 CC Utrecht

Postal address

Nima Motamed

Intelligent Systems, Buys Ballotgebouw, Kamer 5.24

Winthontlaan 30C

3526 KV Utrecht

I am a PhD candidate under the supervision of Natasha Alechina, Mehdi Dastani, and Dragan Doder.

In my doctoral research, I develop logics for multiagent systems, allowing one to reason about and study the way agents revise their beliefs and intentions. To achieve this, I use techniques from modal logic, a subfield of logic useful for representing beliefs, desires, and intentions of agents in a formal, precise way.

In addition to modal logic, I am also interested in category theory, which provides a framework for describing and analyzing mathematical structures and relationships between them, and coalgebra, a mathematical theory of state-based systems that is particularly useful for studying complex, evolving systems. These fields provide powerful tools for modeling and analyzing multiagent systems.

Overall, my research focuses on applying methods from logic, mathematics, and computer science to improve our understanding of agents, both as isolated individuals and as connected collectives.